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Another Paranormal Experience

What I am about to write is true and still feels like it happened only yesterday. I had just recently moved into a new apartment complex close to Lake Michigan. At one end of the building was like a family room where all the people that lived there could visit. It had a large window […]

ios8 Apps and Features

What You Need To Know About iOS 8 App For iphone It’s no longer news that Apple’s new iOS 8 operating system for ipads and iphones has been available for a while for download. This new update might be very confusing for the uninitiated because endless lists of various apps and options would be bloated with your setting app. Meanwhile, ...

World of Warcraft Professions

In the game of World of Warcraft there are what they call professions. Basically the same as the real world. I have a Hunter, and a Warlock, and a Death Knight. In game my professions are Herbing, and Mining, which I enjoy doing and make good money selling the items I accumulate at the Auction […]


Drama is something we all experience at one time in our live’s or another. Some may have drama in their lives continuously. Drama is something in which you choose have have in your life, or for others they just simply make the choice to not have it or deal with it. It is your choice. […]

Samsung 48″ LED 1080p Smart TV Review

What can I say?  This past Labor Day, sales were abound and I was suckered into one of them.  I found myself lured in by a television ad for Target because they had some amazing deals on televisions.  I have never been one to get the “sale” bug but for some reason this year, my brain was wired differently.  Maybe ...

Razar Mouse Review

The Razar mouse takes gaming to a whole new level for PC Gamers.  If you are expecting the same old performance from these mice, brace yourselves.  These aren’t your Grandpa’s mice.  The Razar mouse, no matter which model, takes gaming and makes it glide.  Everything about this mouse and it’s functionality right down to how well it moves is phenomenal. ...

General Anxiety disorder

I would like to talk about General Anxiety Disorder today, something in which I have just like millions of people out there do. As you know if you have it, this can be very disruptive to ones life. Studies have shown anxiety disorders run in families, which means that they can be inherited by one […]

Ghosts, Entities, and more

I have in the past had quite a few encounters with such things as I am going to write about. Perhaps some of you have had the same thing happen to you. I have done some reading, and have looked into the paranormal to see if I could differentiate what has happened to me. These […]


I think that politeness and acting with culture is no longer highly regarded in our society anymore, and I also find for whatever reason more and more people are just so terribly rude. Absolutely no respect for others as if they are more important, or that they feel entitled for some reason. Somewhere along the […]

My own Paranormal experience !~!

I don’t know how many of you out there believe in paranormal activity, but I will tell you that I myself have had several experiences with it. To me, it is as real as I know my own name. The one I want to talk about is very strange, and so true. This incident occurred […]